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Start a screensaver in Windows 10 with ONE key only?

Is it possible to start a screensaver in Windows 10 with ONE key only?
In windows 7 I just had to click on the Numeric 'Insert' key, to start the active screensaver. A hit on 'Escape', or any other key, would stop the screensaver.

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Anonymous8 months ago

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  • Well, I found an answer myself.
    'ControlSS' is a freeware app that can: configure Hot Keys, Hot Corners, manage all screensavers, startup with windows, and can be enabled or disabled with a tray icon.
    Find it here:
    With normal hotkeys, it is already one step better than manually configuring a 'windows short key', which would require 'Cntrl + Alt + some key'.
    'Cntrl + 9' is an example. With a numeric keyboard, try 'Num 0'.

    Rif8 months ago

  • Glad you got that sorted on your own. Control Screen Saver is also listed on this site (under Software), and I've just updated the file to the latest version available.

    Hot keys usually make use of a combination of keys rather than any single key, because if any single key starts the screensaver that would effectively break the functionality of the key itself, though admittedly the Insert key is not often used.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)8 months ago

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