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Sim Aquarium 3 not converting to full version

I have downloaded the latest version (I presume) of SIM Aquarium 3D today. The trial works fine but the paid for version doesn't work, even though I have received and applied a new activation code and followed all the steps required, in email with new activation codes and on-screen, precisely. The process seems to go fine but the end result, after (and before) restarting and auto adjustments taking place is just the same trial version with an offer to update again.

I had exactly the same problem with HD Aquarium, originally, and never did get my money worth for that. Didn't have time to follow it up at that time so when eventually did get back to trying to do something about it found the activation key I had bought was now considered expired. So forfeited that outlay and bought the 'all bells and whistles' latest version in the hope that I would avoid any further such problems, Not really prepared to forfeit my expenditure again.

Please help - please fix!

I have fully updated Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron laptop.

Thanks, Peter

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Peter Sharples7 years agoWindows 10 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Peter, thanks for posting. I have split your post from the other thread into its own thread, as I think it may be a different issue, since you have already tried activating from the screensaver itself, which was the problem for the other user.

    If you downloaded Sim Aquarium 3D from Screensavers Planet or the website of the developer (, you should indeed have the latest version.

    I have just tested the activation process on a Windows 10 computer by installing the screensaver, starting it, clicking the "Unlock" link in the top left corner, entering the license code and clicking "Unlock" again. It successfully activated, restarted and then I no longer had the demo version. How much of the content, like different tanks and species of fish, are unlocked depends on the license you purchased, but at the very least you should no longer see any "Demo" notices.

    Have you tried repeating the activation process? If upon restarting the screensaver and pressing the left mouse button there is still an "Unlock" link at the top left of the screen, try activating it once again to see what happens. If you select the license code from the e-mail you received and copy it to the clipboard (Control+C), the code should automatically appear in the box during activation.

    Failing that, I'm not sure what the problem could be. I would recommend sending an e-mail to with all the details (or a link to this page).

    Let me know how it works out! You can always ask for a refund.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)7 years ago

  • Thanks for the prompt reply Rob. Saw it immediately but still haven't had time to retry another download (which are expensive in this part of the world (Papua New Guinea). hence this is just a quick note in appreciation of your attention and a promise to get back to you on my results when I do get time to look into this further. All the best for this festive season and for 2017. Regards, Peter

    Peter Sharples7 years ago

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