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scripts not loading

I want to use a HTML page I created myself as screensaver. It is using my Canvas manager ( and includes also some other scripts with classes and function for the elements which are drawn on the canvas.

The problem is, that the screen stays white. It seems like the scripts get not loaded. (I tried relative and absolute paths, both work when running the HTML file regularly in a browser, but not as screensaver.)

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Tim Greller2 weeks agoWindows 10 x64, Opera

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  • PS: It does also not work when including the scripts directly in the HTML file.

    Tim Greller2 weeks ago

  • Hello Tim,

    Please try opening your HTML page in Internet Explorer 11, which should be installed by default on Windows 10. Do your scripts work there? This screensaver always uses Internet Explorer (whatever version's installed) to load the web page.

    Unfortunately, that means not all HTML5 features are supported. IE does support Canvas, but perhaps not all features of Canvas that you're using?

    If IE11 fails to load the scripts, maybe you can use the Developer Tools to debug.

    Hope that helps!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 weeks ago

  • Thanks for the fast reply. And yes, the problem is Internet Explorers lack of ECMAScript 6 support. (

    Isn't it possible to switch to the new version of the Chakra JavaScript engine used in Edge? It would provide full support of classes, arrow-functions, let and much more.

    Tim Greller1 week ago

  • We did not develop this particular screensaver, and it hasn't been updated since 2014. I've tried tricking it into using Edge instead, but haven't succeeded so far.

    Maybe something like can add the features you need?

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 week ago

  • I also considered using polyfills, the problem is that keywords can't be polyfilled.

    But I will try to convert from es6 to es5 with babel, this should work in ie11.

    Thanks for the good and quick support :)

    Tim Greller1 week ago

  • You're welcome. There are quite a few open-source projects that allow you to build custom screensavers based on Webkit, but only for macOS. All Windows projects make use of Internet Explorer, presumably because that's always already installed.

    Good luck with the conversion to ES6!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 week ago

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