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I'm planning an office themed gender reveal and would like to use this scene as the reveal. I was hoping that instead of the DVD logo would we be able to adjust it to boy or girl? and as it hits the walls change from all sorts of colors, until it finally hits the corner and stays one solid color of either blue or pink. Would you be able to do something like this and post it to youtube so that I can play it on my smart TV at the gender reveal?

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Angelica3 years agoWindows 10 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Angelica,

    That's a fun, original idea for the reveal!

    We did not create this screensaver. While the author can probably customize it (at a cost, presumably), I'm not sure a screensaver would be the best fit for this, seeing as you wouldn't actually use it as a screensaver but rather show a video recording of the screensaver on your TV. It's possibly less work and more flexible to just have a custom video made that does exactly what you're looking for.

    It wouldn't be a particularly complex animation, so you can probably get that done for less than $100, depending on your exact requirements.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Do let me know if you have any further questions.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)3 years ago

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