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PC changed by Microsoft or HP

Microsoft and/HP has totally updated my pc to THEIR specs and has totally changed everything without my knowledge or permission. My screensaver of my Siamese cat has disappeared as have a lot of other things. I want my old settings back!!! No phone number to contact, etc. Thoroughly ticked off!!! How do I get them to retrieve my settings?

Anonymous7 years agoWindows 7 x64, Google Chrome

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  • I understand your frustration, so let's see if we can recover your old settings. It sounds a lot like your desktop theme has been changed somehow. Did something happen to the PC recently before this change occurred, like a system restore? If the computer was restored to the factory defaults, you may be missing a lot more than just your screensaver; you would also be missing programs you have installed and your personal documents and photos, for example. Is that the case?

    If it just your screensaver and desktop background, you can check if your old settings are still available in the Personalization panel. Click the Start menu button (Windows logo) in the bottom left corner, then click "Control Panel". Under "Appearance and Personalization", click "Change the theme" to view all available themes.

    Note which theme is currently selected; it will have a light blue square around it (as pictured below). Under "My Themes", is there a theme called "Unsaved Theme"? If so, clicking that may restore your old settings. If there is no such theme, you may have the set up your preferences all over again, unfortunately.

    Windows 7 Personalization panel

    In the same Personalization window, you can click "Screen Saver" at the bottom right to set up your screensaver. If you previously had one with photos of your cat, it was probably the "Photos" screensaver. Try selecting that in the Screen Saver Settings panel that appears after you click the "Screen Saver" link, then click "Preview" to make sure the same photos are used. You can optionally click the "Settings" button, then the "Browse" button, to tell the screensaver what folder it will have to look into for the images that should be included in the slideshow.

    Settings panel of the Photos screensaver on Windows 7

    You can customize the desktop background image by clicking the "Desktop Background" link at the bottom left of the Personalization window.

    Hope that helps. If not, please post further details about what happened or what has changed exactly so that I can hopefully provide you with more information.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)7 years ago

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