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Nyan Cat screensaver says ActiveX isn't on my system

I downloaded the .scr file and moved it to my C:\WINDOWS folder. It shows up in the screensaver list, but if I try to preview it all I get is "This screensaver requires Adobe Flash Player ActiveX component that was not found in your system" moving about the screen. I'm using Windows 7 Professional with ActiveX 11, am logged in as administrator, have tried changing the security settings and starting ActiveX manually as per instructions provided by other sites but no joy. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Anonymous2 years agoWindows 7 x64, Firefox

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  • Hello,

    Could you verify that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed? Go to the Adobe Flash Player Download page, click "Need Flash Player for a different computer?", then select "Windows 7/Vista/XP" under Step 1 and "FP 32 for Internet Explorer - ActiveX" under Step 2.

    Make sure all optional offers in the middle column are unchecked so you don't get any additional software with your download, then click "Download now".

    Open the download and follow the instructions to install the Flash Player.

    I've just tested the screensaver to work on a Windows 7 machine with the same version of Adobe Flash Player installed, so hopefully that works for you, too.

    If not, you could try also installing the "FP 32 for Firefox - NPAPI" version.

    Hope that helps!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 years ago

  • Nailed it! I had downloaded Flash Player as well but grabbed the default version at first, fortunately without the bloatware. Thanks and have a good one!

    Jon2 years ago

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