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not displaying correctly

i have a 19" wide monitor at 1440x900. i have a 15" display at 1920x1080. when the screensaver is active, it displays static across both monitors. on the 15" monitor, there is another screensaver window displayed over the extended screen saver and the screensaver window in the foreground moves. i am unable to configure the screen saver

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Trae Norsworthy6 days ago

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  • Thanks for reporting that, Trae. I've just tested it and the same happens for me.

    I've passed it on to the developer of this screensaver, and hope to hear back soon.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)5 days ago

  • Sorry, they're unable to fix this. It seems to only be a problem when multiple monitors are used. It works fine on a single monitor, so I'll keep it on the site for now.

    Maybe try the Plasma screensaver. It looks nice and does support multiple monitors.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)5 days ago

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