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MSN Fireplace won't delete from screensaver list

It's uninstalled from my program files, and the folders are all deleted. It doesn't show up anywhere on my computer, but when I go to change to a different screensaver, there it is, still on the list. I really want it gone.

Margaret1 year agoWindows 7 x64, Firefox

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  • The rest of my question was: What do I do now?

    Margaret1 year ago

  • Hello Margaret,

    Sorry to learn the un-installation of the screensaver was apparently not successful. The official uninstaller should have removed all files automatically.

    To remove the screensaver file manually so that it no longer appears in your Screen Saver Settings panel, open the File Explorer, browse to the Windows folder on your C: drive, then scroll down until you find a screensaver file named "MSNFIREP". Right-click it and choose Delete. There may also be a folder called "MSNFIREP Libs" that you can also delete.

    We have a help page with more detailed instructions on removing screensavers:
    How to remove a screensaver on Windows 7

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Thank you for your fast reply, but I did that, and it didn't work. The screensaver is completely gone from my computer files except it is still in my screensaver list and will actually run. I really would like it gone for good. Nothing will get rid of it. And since all this has been happening, I've gotten viruses and blue screens which are not good.

    Margaret1 year ago

  • My apologies, I replied too soon. I found it in another folder, and that finally deleted it. Thankyou for your help!

    Margaret1 year ago

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