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Mouse Jiggler doesn't run

I recently downloaded the Mouse Jiggler executable and installed the .NET framework, but when I run the executable, even as administrator, nothing seems to run. (The cursor does turn to an hourglass for a second before going back to a cursor.) The Task Manager shows no process called Mouse Jiggler.

Is there anything I might be doing wrong?

Apologies for not being able to provide much more in the way of details. I'm happy to provide more if it would help. I appreciate any help.

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Peter1 year agoWindows 7 x64, Firefox

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  • Hi Peter,

    Did you download it from the site here, or somewhere else? I just tried the version we're hosting ( on a Windows 7 machine and it worked just fine. The latest version, however, which is, would not work. As you describe, after double-clicking the file the hourglass shows momentarily but nothing happens.

    Here's a direct link to version here on Screensavers Planet:

    So while version does work on Windows 10 and newer, it won't work on Windows 7. The main difference between 1.8 and 2.0 is that 2.0 depends on version 5 of the .NET framework, which was not created with Windows 7 in mind.

    Failing that, you could also try a similar program, such as No Screen Saver.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Thank you very much! I did indeed download version and install .NET 5 just for this application (using Win 7). The older version you linked to works well, even with .NET 5. I appreciate the help.

    Peter1 year ago

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