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Midnight Beach Screensaver won't play sound files/playlist

In the settings on the screensaver, I added three mp3 files from a playlist. They don't play and I get an error message that the MCI couldn't be initiated.

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Sara10 months agoWindows 10 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Sara,

    Sorry to learn it's not working for you. I assume you can play the MP3 files normally using Windows Media Player? The screensaver uses the default multimedia interface on Windows so that it should be compatible with most devices.

    However, it's possible that your sound card or audio settings are configured in such a way that breaks this compatibility, or that third-party software is responsible for this. If you can find the brand and model of the sound card in your computer, you may be able to find an updated driver to download and install.

    I've previously heard that resetting audio file associations, i.e. the program(s) associated with opening audio files on your computer, can fix some issues, but I'm not sure that's the problem here. If you can post some more details about the configuration of your computer, such as the brand and model, or the software you have installed to play audio files, I may be able to dig a little deeper.

    Wish I had an immediate solution to the problem, but hopefully this also helps.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

  • I have an HP x 360 m6 convertible. Product Number: M1V61UA#ABA.

    There is no sound card. The audio solution is in the form of a chip integrated into the notebook system board. I changed the audio file association to Windows Media Player but I get the same error message.

    Sara L Armstrong10 months ago

  • Yes, I suppose we haven't been using actual sound cards for a while now.

    This is quite difficult to diagnose remotely. You could try installing the Audio Driver from the HP website, but it's possible you already have that (or a newer version).

    It's also possible that pre-installed HP software or an anti-virus program is interfering, but again it's hard to say from a distance. Honestly, I wouldn't want you to run the risk of affecting other programs that use audio, especially on such a nice laptop. So unless you're very keen to get this working, or if other programs are also affected, I would probably try to find a different screensaver to use instead.

    I know that's not very helpful, but it's a strange bug and I can't think of other options.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

  • Thanks for your honesty and your time.

    Anonymous10 months ago

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