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Mac Screensaver Switching Time; Third Party Prog. That Provides For Adj. ?


Running a Mac with Mojave.

Have a bunch of really nice photos in a file that I use as my Screensaver,
but the 3 second photo switching time drives me crazy.
Just way too short to enjoy them.

The Desktop switching time is adjustable, but not the Screensaver switching time.

Anyone know of any third party Screen Saver program I can use that allows this time adjustment in place of the default one one Mac ?

There is a way to do it apparently via Terminal, etc., but am not competent to do it, and not worth the risk.


Anonymous10 months agomacOS 10.14.6, Safari

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  • Hello Bob,

    Adjusting the time between photos is indeed possible but requires that you (temporarily) disable the System Integrity Protection feature, which is not ideal.

    I just found out that there's a new version available of ArtSaver, a slideshow screensaver for macOS that now also supports Mojave and Catalina. Have a look at the website and try the version "ArtSaver 3.0.1 for Mojave (10.14)".

    The version for Catalina wouldn't work for me, but hopefully the Mojave version works for you. If you run into any errors, check the "Download and Installation" part of the website to see if the problem is listed there.

    That's the only photo slideshow screensaver for macOS currently available.

    Hope that helps!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

  • Hi Rob,

    First a thanks for helping me out with this; greatly appreciated, and very nice of you to take the time.
    I'm running Mojave on an iMac.

    Just started playing with it, and it really looks like just what wanted. Really a very well implemented program.
    Am in my 80's now, and i miss many of the nuances, so please bear with me a bit.
    Give me a few days, and I will have, undoubtedly, a bunch of questions, but do have this one now:

    I enable the program, and go to the full screen mode. Great.
    I thought that simply pressing on a key to get back to doing some "work" on the pc would open up my normal desktop again, but apparently not. Seems you have to go to the very top bar, and close out the program there.
    What, as usual, am I missing ?

    I seem to be operating it more as a photo slide show than in a screen saver mode which is what I want ?

    Regards, and stay well,

    Bob10 months ago

  • Hi Bob,

    Sorry, perhaps I should have mentioned that there are two versions of the app: one is a screensaver called ArtSaver, and the other is a standalone slideshow app called ArtSaverApp. It looks like you've downloaded the latter.

    To download the screensaver, go to the website and scroll down to "Older Versions". Then click the link that says "ArtSaver 3.0.1 for Mojave (10.14)".

    The page also includes some installation instructions to get you started.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

  • Hi,
    Really nice of you to take the time to help me out.
    Very appreciated.
    Working fine with Mojave. Just great.

    These aren't important, but if you get a minute:

    a. Don't understand the Ken Burns box option (Zoom
    in/out or...) ?

    b. What is "Cross Dissolve" ?

    c. What is "Spotlight" ?

    And, the moving of the photo is great.
    Really a nice touch.
    What is the criteria for the doing of this ?
    Adjustable ?

    Suggestion: Lots of folks looking for something like this.
    You might want to Post on MacRumors, MacHelp, etc. regarding it.

    Regards, and thanks again,

    Bob10 months ago

  • I'm happy to help, Bob, and glad you got the screensaver working on Mojave.

    The Ken Burns effect is, I believe, essentially what you're describing as "the moving of the photo". It'll zoom in on a photo and then slowly pan across it, thereby making the photo come alive a bit more compared to a static photograph. This technique is often used in documentaries for that same reason.

    A cross disolve is when two pictures are overlaid, as it were, and the picture in front gradually becomes more transparent, and the picture in the back more visible, until the latter is fully visible, and then this is repeated with the next picture. In other words, picture A becomes less visible at the same time that picture B becomes more visible, so that's why they call it a cross disolve.

    Spotlight refers to the way the screensaver will automatically search for images within the folder you specify. Generally it's best to have this set to "Use Spotlight" rather than "Follow aliases (and symlinks)" because it's much faster (and most people don't use aliases). Spotlight is the name of the search function in macOS (and iOS), and the screensaver cleverly makes use of that to speed up searching.

    I'll ask the creator of the screensaver if I can add it to the site. As you say, there's quite a bit of demand for a good slideshow screensaver for macOS.

    Again, feel free to post back if you have any further questions.

    A moderator edited this post 10 months ago.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

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