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Is this site secure

Are screensavers from safe , secure and not infected

Jeannie Hubbard1 year ago

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  • Hello Jeannie,

    Yes, all screensavers in our archive have been extensively tested for viruses, adware and other nuisances. We installed them all on our test machines and found no problems. You can view the virus report for each screensaver in the "Anti-virus" tab on a screensaver's web page. Sometimes an anti-virus program will still raise a red flag for certain screensaver files, but these are false positives that we try to report to the anti-virus companies as much as possible.

    Occasionally, some of the advertisements on our pages may look like download buttons that belong to the site, when they are in fact ads for other companies, and some of their products may be classified as adware. Please use only the textual download links on this site when attempting to download any screensavers.

    The more popular screensavers will also have a number of user reviews and/or ratings that should hopefully be another indication of the safety of our downloads.

    Hope that answers your question. Thanks for visiting!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Rob thank you so much for the very thorough response

    Jeannie Hubbard1 year ago

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