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Is this Screensaver Safe?

I installed this wallpaper awhile back and instead of a SCR it was an exe. After installing it. The installed screensaver was called "Моя экранная Заставка" which when translated is "My screensaver" Fine. But after worrying my computer has a virus lately i ran it though VirusTotal. the majority list it as safe. However one does not and also in the details it has two .exe.
So i am now very worried i have been backdoored

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Peter2 weeks ago

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  • Hi Peter,

    No worries, that screensaver is absolutely safe. VirusTotal performs scans using more than 70 anti-virus engines, and not all of them are equally good at detecting viruses. As long as all the major anti-virus companies (like Microsoft, AVG, Avast, BitDefender, Malwarebytes and Symantec) say the file is safe, you can rest assured that it is.

    The fact that it's called "My screensaver" is probably due to a bit of laziness on behalf of the creator. It looks like they used Screensaver Factory to create this screensaver, which is another signal that it's safe to use.

    Hope that helps.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 weeks ago

  • Thankyou for your swift reply! what is the 123.exe then? is that just something from screensaver factory. Also when i try to unistall using the manual method listed in your forums, it still appears on my "add or remove programs" section on my apps & Features. And when i try to uninstall it, it says windows cannot find windws cannot find C: Location- uninstall123.exe
    thanks again

    Peter2 weeks ago

  • The installer places two files, "123.scr" and "uninstall 123.exe", into your Windows folder. One is the actual screensaver, the other is the uninstallation program.

    The creator of the screensaver apparently gave it the name "123", which is why the files are named as such. Again, this was probably laziness on their behalf. Unfortunately not all screensavers are professionally created, anyone can create and distribute screensavers using software like Screensaver Factory. If the screensaver is good enough, we'll still include it on our site, even if there are some imperfections like the ones you've found.

    I uninstalled it just now from the "Add or remove programs" panel and both files have been removed, and the screensaver is also no longer listed in that panel.

    If you've manually removed the files, it will stay listed there unfortunately. You could try re-installing it and then using the uninstaller to remove it instead.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 weeks ago

  • Thankyou so much for your help! I just reinstalled and uninstalled and it is gone.

    Peter2 weeks ago

  • Great! Glad I could help.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 weeks ago

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