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Installation Failing. Other screensavers do well?

I have tried installing, in this case 24-ctu.exe on the desktop. It will not run until I use Run as Admin. Then the screensaver GUI opens, shows the folder it will install. I click FINISH and on all 3, XP and 2 Win10 the Screensaver GUI comes up. This new screensaver is there to apply. I click apply and wait. Nothing starts. I go back to the screensaver GUI and it shows "none" selected?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. jack ":-<

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Jack4 years agoWindows 10 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Jack,

    I could replicate this at first, the screensaver wouldn't start after the wait time had passed, but now it seems to be working and I'm not sure exactly what I did to produce that change. What I remember doing is opening the File Explorer, navigating to the Windows folder on my hard drive, locating the "24 CTU Display 3 (Widescreen)" screensaver file, right-clicking it and selecting "Install".

    That step shouldn't actually be necessary because the Screen Saver Settings panel automatically scans that folder for screensaver files and adds them to the list.

    I also opened the screensaver's settings menu but there's nothing you can customize for this particular screensaver so I doubt that actually did anything.

    See if, after manually installing it as described above, the Screen Saver Settings panel still highlights "(none)" as the active screensaver when it opens.

    Failing that, I may be able to repackage the screensaver in such a way that it circumvents this issue, but let's see how this works out first.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

  • You know I always try to look for another way in. I looked at where all the files were located using agent ransack. I then put the screensaver in every folder that was on the PC on the tablet. Used install. Oddly, the PC was working, and then it wasn't ?? Clueless here. On the XP I located files for other screensavers there that worked and place the exe or install files there and clicked on Install. Nothing seems to work. Oddly, again, when I do and install the Screen Saver GUI comes up and shows 24 CTU there. But there is no apply. I just click OK. I look back there and it shows available but no apply button (it's there but not accessible. It's odd things. I wish we could poll the developers to see what they might say. Thanks Rob

    Thank you Rob4 years ago

  • The "Apply" button should only be greyed out if the currently selected screensaver is, in fact, the active screensaver. (And the wait time has not been changed).

    Here's an alternative installer you can try on Windows 7, 8 or 10:

    It probably won't work on Windows XP, but maybe it fixes the problem on Windows 10.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

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