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I got UR to work again...

I tried and experimented long time and finally I get my UR back to work again. I had to use a flash uninstaller to clean up and delete registry entry. Then installed an older flash player and blocked it from the net and updates. Now UR works normally again in XP & win7! :)

Matts1 month agoWindows XP, Firefox

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  • That's great! Thanks for the update. I'll experiment with that myself and try to work it into an upcoming tutorial on getting Flash screensavers to work again.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 month ago

  • I used flash ActiveX version 29.something, but there's also early 32 versions that doesn't have the "killswitch". So far it works fine. I like UR, because to see the phases of the moon. Really sad that it's so complicated to get it UR to work!
    Happy if I had an useful advice! :)

    Matts1 month ago

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