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How to get johnny castaway screensaver running on a windows 10 (64 bit) computer

how do I install this screen saver on windows 10 (64 bit) .
I tried to run the installer... i get the splash screen when the installer runs BUT On my screen saver control panel I can see johnny castaway as a selection .
I pick this as my screen saver... I press apply and press the preview button.
Result... a black screen pops and then disappears.

(I really enjoy this screen saver. I had this running on windows 7,8 but will NOT run on windows 10.)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Paul3 weeks agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • Hello Paul,

    Just to be clear, you've used the installer included with the tutorial, and when you run that and click "Install Screen Saver", the Johnny Castaway screensaver is successfully installed, right? You then click "Close Installer", go into the Screen Saver panel in Windows 10, and Johnny Castaway appears in the list of screensavers there.

    Now, when I (on Windows 10) then select the screensaver and click "Preview", a small window opens, briefly showing the DOSBox logo, and then the screen goes black temporarily, and finally Johnny Castaway shows up. Does that look like the sequence of events when you click "Preview", or not? Where exactly does it come to a halt?

    We'll have to pinpoint exactly where it goes wrong so we can try to troubleshoot this.

    You always have the option of uninstalling the screensaver (by running the installation program again) and then manually install it using the instructions in the tutorial. That way, it might be easier to figure out what the problem could be.

    But maybe I can think of something else if I have a clearer picture of the issue.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)3 weeks ago

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