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How to a store's screensaver

I rented a hp computer from Rent-A-Center, they told me to remover their screensaver to push (shift and restart) to remover it and that it will take about 2 hours for it to remove. That's not working and I want to remove it due to a video that they have installed as a screensaver.

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Anonymous3 months agoWindows 10 x64, Edge

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  • You can change or disable a screensaver through the Screen Saver Settings panel.

    The "shift and restart" they suggested will get you into safe mode, from where you can troubleshoot issues with the computer or initiate a full reset (re-installation) of Windows. I doubt that would be necessary simple to remove or disable a screensaver, but perhaps they suggested it as a way to start fresh with a clean install and without any of the personalized settings and installed software from the store.

    Re-installing Windows 10 may indeed take a few hours, and this will get rid of the screensaver, too. Might be worth the time to make the computer yours.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)3 months ago

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