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High contrast screensavers for eye health (or glaucoma)

Do you produce screensavers with high contrast?

Because for eye health or glaucoma, repetitive exposition on high contrast pictures helps to re-grow neuron cells long according to experiment of Professor Andrew Huberman at Stanford University. (Now he might moved to UCSD, I am not sure)

So I am finding a screen saver in high contrast to relax my eyes when I don't use PC for a while.

If you could produce these kind of screen savers, I would purchase a couple of them, it is worth for money because they are for my eyes.

I will be still finding some savers such similar with them.
Thanks and please consider.

Shawn Woo7 years agoWindows 7 x64, Google Chrome

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  • That's a fascinating study, Shawn, thanks for sharing. (Poor mice, though!)

    Aside from the visual stimulation, however, it seems that what allowed for the regeneration of the optic nerves in the first place was genetic manipulation of so-called "mTOR activity". It's not clear to me (though I haven't read the full text) if exposition to high-contrast animations alone would be sufficient to stimulate at least some regrowth of the optic nerve, and if this also translates directly from mice to human beings. If that were proven, I would be happy to produce a screensaver with animations as described in the study, but without the evidence I wouldn't want to risk promoting something that may actually be harmful to your eyes.

    Also, please do consult your eye specialist before attempting anything like this.

    Having said that, there don't seem to be any screensavers in our archive that look similar to what they used in the study, but you might find some high-contrast animations in the abstract and psychedelic categories.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)7 years ago

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