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Fliqlo screensaver causing system preferences to freeze.

Hello! I used the Fliqlo Flip Clock for many years on my old macbook with no issues, however I cannot get it to work on my new macbook at all. It appears to download and install fine, but when I go to actually select the screensaver, the entire system preferences window freezes and I have to force quit it. I've tried reinstalling it, and even tried downloading an older version as some suggested here, but the system claims it doesn't recognise the 'image' file and refuses to even install it. I wondered if anyone had any idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm on El Capitan 10.11.6. Thank you in advance!

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Nic4 years agoMac OS X 10.11.6, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Nic,

    Which older version did you try? I think Fliqlo 1.7.2 (direct download) would probably be the best candidate if the latest version (1.8.3) doesn't work there.

    That's a DMG file that should be recognized by El Capitan. If not, open the Disk Utility app via the Launcher, click on "File" in the top menu, then choose "Open Disk Image". Locate the Fliqlo_1.7.2.dmg file you downloaded and open it. It should then appear with an icon in the Disk Utility window, where you can right-click it and select "Show in Finder". Hopefully that'll work around the issue.

    You could also try this with the latest version 1.8.3, if that image file gave you the same error, because officially that version should also support El Capitan.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I downloaded version 1.7.2 from your link and tried to open it via the Disk Utility as you suggested, and for some reason it didn't work. After choosing 'Open Disk Image' and opening the file, nothing happens. I'm just taken back to the Disk Utility window as though I never clicked anything at all. I tried the same process for version 1.8.3 and it worked - I was able to install it that way, but ran into the same problem of the System Preferences window freezing once I tried to select the screensaver. I did run into some problems reinstalling my OS recently wherein I messed a few things up, so it's likely the issue is on my end! Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it.

    Nic4 years ago

  • How strange! It could be that your installation of macOS has gotten corrupted somehow. One way you could test if Fliqlo (or some other software you're running) is caused the panel to crash is by booting your Mac into Safe Mode.

    Here's an article from Apple: How to use safe mode on your Mac

    I wouldn't recommend reinstalling macOS if you're only having trouble with the Fliqlo screensaver, though. Hopefully there's another screensaver you like!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

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