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Flash Screen Savers

I'm reading here about some issues with screen-savers that require Flash player. First off, Flash is no more insecure than 3rd party HTML5 javascripts. If anything, that should be the bigger security issue than Flash. But anyway...

If you want to still run Flash screen-savers, you can. Just download Flash player 29 and disable the auto update feature. It will continue to run and work. The Active-X (flashplayer29_0r0_171_winax.exe) version is the one you want to install. As most Flash screen-savers were based on IE / Alt.dll.

Download it from the archive. It's 422 MB (zipped) but includes multiple installs for various browsers.

You could also get by with Flash player 10 or even lower but some of the Flash installers (Pre-Flash player 8) do not include uninstallers or they do not function properly. Here's an archive list of Flash player...

PoseMotion1 month ago

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  • Oops! When I said, "they do not function properly", I was talking about the uninstaller(s). I've tested earlier versions of Flash on Windows 10 and they worked fine for what I was doing at the time.

    PoseMotion1 month ago

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