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Flash Error Message

Hello, after downloading one of your screensavers (for Mac), when I tried to use it, I got the message about the plugin needed to be installed. I'm using the latest Adobe Flash but it still won't work. The Flash versions I have are for Firefox & Safari and Opera & Chromium, but I don't understand why either relate to a screensaver that is not using a browser. Is there another one I should be using? Thank you.

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Brian8 months agoMac OS X 10.11, Firefox

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  • Hello Brian,

    Flash is used not only in the browser but also in many standalone applications, including educational tools, games, presentations and screensavers.

    Usually it's the NPAPI version of the Flash plug-in (for Safari and Firefox) that you need to get Flash-based screensavers working on Mac. In fact, sometimes also having the PPAPI version (for Opera and Chromium) installed can interfere, with a "Blocked plugin" message as a result, as someone recently reported in this post.

    So you could see if uninstalling the PPAPI version via System Preferences > Flash makes a difference. If not, please let me know which screensaver you're trying to install and I'll see if I can replicate and then hopefully solve the problem.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)8 months ago

  • Hi Rob: Thanks for your reply. I used the Adobe uninstaller to get rid of all Adobe Flash, then I reinstalled only the NPAPI flash, which I think is ver 32. I still cannot run your screensaver (or others from another site that uses Flash.) When I try to install your screensaver, it says "Flash plugin is not installed ... version 23.0.0 is recommended". However, I have the latest Flash, which seems to be 32. Clicking on "update" takes me in a cycle, with nothing happening. The screensaver I wanted to use is the MSN Halloweeen screensaver. This type of screensaver used to work fine so I don't know why it's suddenly not working. My OS is 10.11.6 El Capitan, and everything else on the system is up-to-date. Thanks again. Brian

    Brian8 months ago

  • I can't seem to get that screensaver working anymore either. I get the same message about Flash needing to be installed, but I already have the latest version.

    This is probably to do with the recently released update to the Flash plug-in. Sometimes these updates will fix a few bugs or security issues in Flash, but also break support for certain screensavers. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that at this time. I wouldn't recommend downgrading Flash to a previous, less secure or stable version, even if that may fix the problem with this screensaver.

    I'll keep an eye on upcoming Flash updates, on the off-chance that one may resolve the issue. In the meantime, hopefully there's another Halloween screensaver in our archive that you like. Unfortunately, there aren't very many available for Mac.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)8 months ago

  • Thanks, Rob. I downloaded the Pendulum Witchcraft Eyeball screensaver, and it works OK. But the Scarytime one will not work. Both gave me an error message saying the plugin was not working, although the eyeball one does work. I have other screensavers that involve movement and/or sound and all of them work fine, except for Halloween and Scarytime ones. I just wasn't sure if there was another manufacturer of flash that some of these used. Thanks.

    Brian8 months ago

  • Scarytime is indeed also based on Flash. Not all screensavers employ Flash technology to create their animations and effects, as there are many others ways, but Flash was a relatively easy, flexible and popular method. Now that it's being phased out by its owner (Adobe) and the major operating systems like Mac and Windows, support for Flash-based screensavers is unfortunately also weaning.

    Anyway, I'm glad at least one spooky screensaver is working. Happy Halloween!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)8 months ago

  • Thanks very much, Rob. Have a great Halloween, too!

    Brian8 months ago

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