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Dual Screen Setup

I followed your instructions on how to set up the Johnny Castaway screensaver on Windows 65-bit and it works, however, the screen saver only appears on one screen is it possible to cover both screens?

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Aaron10 months agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • Hello Aaron,

    The only way I think that could work is if you were to configure the second screen to be a clone of the first screen, so that the screensaver is displayed on both monitors simultaneously. It's not possible to "stretch" the screensaver onto both screens, as far as I'm aware, but perhaps that's not what you're looking for.

    Your second monitor is probably set up to extend the first, right? So you don't want to have to switch between "clone" and "extend" manually whenever you want to see the screensaver on both screens. There's a built-in Windows tool called DisplaySwitch.exe that might allow you to automate that process.

    I don't have a second monitor to test this with right now, but what it comes down to is that instead of calling DOSBox directly from the Screen Launcher settings, you create and then call on a Batch (BAT) file that runs 3 commands:

    DisplaySwitch.exe /clone
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74-3\DOSBox.exe" -userconf
    DisplaySwitch.exe /extend

    If you configure Screen Launcher to launch that .bat file instead of DOSBox, Windows will first switch the display mode to "clone", then it will start DOSBox. Once DOSBox exits, i.e. when you exit the screensaver, then Windows will automatically run the last command, which switches back to "extend".

    You can create the Batch file yourself using something like Notepad, making sure to save the file with a .bat extension rather than .txt or anything else. You can also download the .bat file I created for you here. I don't know for certain if the path to DOSBox corresponds exactly to your installation of it, but 0.74-3 is the latest version. Feel free to open it in Notepad first to make sure it's not doing anything fishy.

    Note sure if that's what you're after, but I think it should work!

    Note: I'm not sure what happens to the windows that you have open on your second monitor when you switch to "clone" mode. It's possible you'll have to move them back from the first to the second screen after the screensaver has run.

    Let me know if it works or if you need any assistance.

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)10 months ago

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