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I don't understand... Why does my Johhny Castaway is always at night? It's almost 9AM (GMT-3) already and the time on the island is not day. Could it be because I live on a GMT-3 timezone? Maybe it only works correctly for the GMT+0 timezone? Maybe because my system language is Portuguese and not English, and as such the time format is not the same as U.S.A ?

You people are the screensaver experts, so please help me figure that. I would like Johnny Castaway to work properly.

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Anders1 month agoWindows 10, Firefox

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  • Good question!

    The default setting is for it to switch to day time at 10 AM, according to your computer's clock, i.e. the time you see in Windows at the bottom right corner.

    You can change that setting, if you like. If you used the installer, open the File Explorer in Windows, and browse to the JohnCast folder on your hard drive, i.e. C:\JohnCast. Then click the "WINDOWS" folder and find the "SCRANTIC" configuration file. There are 3 files called "SCRANTIC", one should have an icon with a document and a cogwheel, that's the configuration file you need. It's probably the middle file.

    Open that file in a text editor like Notepad, e.g. by right-clicking it and selecting "Open with" and then "Notepad". You'll now see something like this:


    The last line is the setting that determines when the Johnny Castaway screensaver switches to day time. 1000 equals 10:00 AM, 2100 to 9:00 PM, so if you want to set it to 8:00 AM, for example, you would change it to 800.

    Then save the file and restart the screensaver.

    If you did not use the installer but followed the tutorial instead, you'll find the SCRANTIC configuration file in C:\dosbox\WINDOWS instead.

    Hope that helps!

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 month ago

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