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can't register Cosmic Voyages on Windows 11

Hi, this is my favorite Screensaver, and I've used it on several computers. I know how to register by pasting John Duncan as user name, and pasting the code he provided. But on my Windows 11 PC it simply won't do anything. I've tried doing it without being connected to the internet, and connected. It won't register, and after a few minutes I get the big Logo in the middle

Any body know a way to resolve this? At this point, I'd be happy to even pay the 14.99 (there's no other screensaver that comes close to this)--but the websites it links to 3d Wonders adon't even work now (wish I could send the 14.99 to John Duncan).

Appreciate your help if anyone knows a way to get around this. Thanks.

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Bill B1 year agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • Sorry to learn it's not working well for you. I had no trouble activating it on Windows 11 myself just now. What happens exactly after you click "Finish"?

    For me, after I click "Finish" the text in the box above will switch to "Validating..." for about 5 seconds, and then it'll say "Thank you very much for your support!"

    I don't think it's actually checking the license online in any way, so it shouldn't matter if you're connected to the internet or not.

    Do make sure you're clicking the "Finish" button after entering the name and license key, and not the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Hi Rob, thanks so much for your prompt reply,. Just before you replied I finally figured out the problem--which was your solution, actually. I wonder if others who mention problems with registration might have the same issue.

    On my new computer, I can't see the lower part of the dialogue box, and I assumed hitting enter might work, but it just closed the program. Finally, I viewed it on my old computer, saw the "Finish" box, and so I used "Tab" to go to the Finish box, even though I could not see it, and hit enter--and worked perfectly!

    I had tried changing the screen resolution, and enlarging and shrinking text and other elements--nothing could get the dialogue box to show the lower portion (I have the same problem with older Microsoft apps, such as Office 2007, which I prefer over the Office 2021 that I now use). But temporarily changing resolution was usually enough to view the dialogues.

    Thanks again for your prompt reply. I've only recently learned about and it's an amazing site--and a safe place to download my favorite screensavers. Although we no longer really need them to save the screen, for me they are great for privacy when I step away--and very relaxing to watch. But this Cosmic Voyages screensaver by John Duncan is by far my favorite. It's hard to believe that after all these years no one has come up with anything better. I never tire of watching it. Warm regards from a grateful fan.

    Bill Brown1 year ago

  • Thanks for the kind words, Bill! Much appreciated.

    And nice job troubleshooting this. I'm unable to replicate it with different screen resolutions, but perhaps your screen has a higher pixel density (PPI) than mine. Many older programs seem to struggle with that, as you've also noticed.

    If that's the case then you may also be able to right-click the "Configure Cosmic Voyage" shortcut in the folder below, click "Settings", then "Compatibility", then "Change high DPI settings", and force Windows to let either the application or the system decide how to scale things.

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cosmic Voyage

    See also: Windows scaling issues for high-DPI devices (

    Anyway, glad you can enjoy the Cosmic Voyage screensaver again. It's a great one!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Thanks, Rob I didn't think of using "Compatibility" settings, which I've done with other programs. That did the trick with Office 2007, so if I ever have to reinstall it again, I'll do that. I've connected my PC to my TV now; Really feel "spaced out" with Cosmic Voyage on a big screen

    Warm regards,


    Bill Brown1 year ago

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