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Can anyone point me to where I can still purchase full versions of old RealNetworks screensavers?

Rob, you're amazing for finding me freerealnails.exe from the Internet Archive. I actually tried looking for it there myself after you responded with the free version .exe so I could hopefully find the full version or a link to where I can still purchase it. No dice. Could you tell me exactly how you found the free version? I won't trouble you with finding me the full version. I'll try to find it from whichever page on the Internet Archive you found the free version from. Anyone else reading this who has the full version or can help me get it, please share! For those of you who haven't seen it or never heard of it, I could watch it all day. It has 2 cousins here on Screensavers Planet. Those are Real Sandstorm and Real Snow Globes. They're great as well.

Rogerio Casella9 months ago

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  • You will no longer be able to purchase it, I'm afraid. It's too old, and while the RealNetworks company still exists, they don't sell screensavers anymore.

    I can't recall my exact path, but once I found out that the free version was distributed with the file name freerealnails.exe, and I was unable to download a copy of it from the archived domain, I eventually found it on an archived CD of a French computer magazine called JoyStick (CD2 of the 119th edition published in October of 2000). Here's a link to the CD contents: cd 2.iso

    Whether or not the full version is floating around the internet somewhere is hard to say. It seems to have been distributed as a separate file, since it's not possible to unlock the full version from within the free version, e.g. using a license code. That also means the free version cannot be "cracked" to work as the full version.

    But to obtain the full version back in the day you first had to go through a payment process, and because of that the Internet Archive probably doesn't have a copy. It would also have been illegal to share the full version anywhere, at least at the time; now it might be considered "abandonware".

    The full name of the full version was Real Nails 3D Plus, and a Google search for that does not turn up anything. Same for "realnailsplus.exe" and other variants.

    All in all, it seems to me that chances are pretty low for finding it, but who knows... maybe one day someone will come across your request and have it. Fingers crossed!

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)9 months ago

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