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Are screensavers copyrighted?

I want to use a screensaver as starting soon page for my stream

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theoni1 week ago

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  • They're creative works, so strictly speaking they are all copyrighted. Unless stated otherwise, of course, for example when they're released into the public domain.

    So it may be different with each screensaver. You've linked the Felix screensaver to your post, and that one is very likely to be copyrighted.

    If the screensaver is distributed with an installer, that will often include some kind of license agreement where you can read what you can and cannot do. But the absence of such an agreement does not mean it is not copyrighted.

    If your stream were to include the screensaver, running as a screensaver live on your computer, then perhaps that would be considered fair use, especially if it's a private and/or non-commercial stream. Ideally you would also give attribution.

    So it depends, but strictly speaking: yes, most screensavers are copyrighted.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 week ago

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