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Adding font for Scrolling Marquee

How do I add Arial Unicode MS to the list of fonts that I can use?

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Anonymous1 year agoWindows 7 x64, Firefox

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  • Good question! Enter the screensaver's settings menu via the Screen Saver Settings panel and click the button to the right of "Font:" (by default this is set to "Arial, 72 pt". This will open the font selection window, where Arial Unicode MS is probably not in the list (hence your question). Click the "Show more fonts" link at the bottom left of the window to open the Fonts screen of the Control Panel. In the left sidebar, click "Font settings". Uncheck the box in front of "Hide fonts based on language settings", then click "OK" at the bottom. Close and reopen the screensaver's settings menu. You should now see a larger selection of fonts, including Arial Unicode MS.

    This worked for me on Windows 7, I hope it does for you, too!

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Thanks for the prompt response, Rob! This worked.

    Prem1 year ago

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