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How to use your photos as a screensaver

Every modern version of the Windows operating system comes with a pre-installed screensaver that allows you to easily put personal photos into a slideshow that starts when you are away from the computer for a set period of time. In Windows XP, this screensaver is called "My Pictures Slideshow", but as of Windows Vista it has been renamed to "Photos".

This slideshow will consist of photos and other images contained within a particular folder on your hard drive, such as the "My photos" folder, or any other folder you specify. Simply follow the below instructions to tell the screensaver which folder it should use:

  1. Open the Screen Saver Settings panel.
  2. In the list of screensavers, locate and select "Photos" (or "My Pictures Slideshow" if you have Windows XP).
  3. Click the "Settings" button.
  4. Click "Browse", then locate and select a folder containing the images you wish to be shown in the slideshow and click "OK".
  5. You can also optionally change the speed of the slideshow, and set the display order to random or sequential.
  6. Click "Save" to save your changes.
    • Your photos should now begin to appear in the preview window within the Screen Saver Settings panel. If not, the folder you selected may not contain any images; try selecting a different folder.
  7. Finally, click "OK" to exit the panel and set the slideshow as your current screensaver.

You have now successfully set up the Photos screensaver. After the computer has been idle for the set number of minutes (customizable via the Screen Saver Settings panel), the slideshow should automatically begin to shuffle through your collection of photos.

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