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How to install all missing Uniqlo seasons

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Can't download any content from the Uniqlo screensaver? Unfortunately, support for the screensaver was dropped on January 25, 2017. As a result, you can no longer use the screensaver to download and install additional "seasons".

The seasons were not included with the installation program because of their large file size, and so the screensaver includes a function to download them on-demand from the servers of the Japanese fashion company. These files have now been removed, breaking that functionality.

Thankfully, one of our visitors was generous enough to send us the seasons missing from the original installation package, so that you can now still download, install and enjoy them!

Mac user? Unfortunately, the Uniqlo screensaver no longer works on the latest versions of macOS, and we have no workaround. These instructions apply only to Windows installations.

Step 1: Install the Uniqlo screensaver

First things first. If you haven't already installed the Uniqlo screensaver, download it here and run the installation program. When the installation process has successfully completed and the screensaver works, albeit without the extra content, proceed to step 2.

If you already have the screensaver installed on your computer, please make sure you have the latest version. One way to be sure is to un-install it and then download and install the latest version we have here. Or just see what happens with your current version.

Before proceeding, make sure the Screen Saver Settings panel is closed.

Step 2: Download the additional seasons

We have prepared a single ZIP archive file that contains all seasons and other modules missing from the freshly installed Uniqlo screensaver. For this to work, the full contents of the ZIP file need to be extracted into a particular folder on your computer hard drive.

Download the file here: (769 MB)

Once your download completes, open the file to reveal its contents: 7 folders, 3 XML files and 1 text file that points back to these installation instructions.

Step 3: Install the seasons

If the ZIP file has opened in the File Explorer, you should see an option named "Extract all". Click it, then click the "Browse" button and manually browse to the following folder:


Where [YOURUSERNAME] is the username you log into Windows with, e.g. Rob or Jane.

(Alternatively, right-click the file and choose "Extract All".)

To find, and browse to, the C:\ drive, where Windows and other programs are usually installed to, you may need to first click "This PC" or "Computer" in the left sidebar. Then open the "Users" folder, followed by the folder corresponding to your username, and so on, until you are inside the "ss" folder. Then click the "Select folder" button.

Finally, click the "Extract" button to copy the contents of the ZIP file to this folder.

When asked if you want to overwrite a file, choose "Yes" or "Yes to all".

Step 4: Start the screensaver

Open the Screen Saver Settings panel, select "UNIQLO SCREENSAVER" in the list of screensavers, then click "Preview". You may have to click the "Menu Open" button at the bottom right of your screen to get to the lineup screen with all the seasons.

All previously missing content should now be available. Enjoy!

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