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How to disable the screensaver

If you do not want to use a screensaver on your Windows computer at all, or you need to disable it temporarily (e.g. when it interferes with watching a video), rest assured that you can easily turn it off at any time by following the below instructions.

  1. Open the Screen Saver Settings panel. For instructions, please refer to this article.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu that contains the list of installed screensaver, then click "(None)" to tell Windows not to use any screensaver.
  3. Finally, click "OK" to save these settings and to exit the Screen Saver panel.

Instead of disabling the screensaver entirely, you can also opt to have a simple black screensaver displayed when you are away from the computer. To do so, simply select "Empty" in the list of screensavers rather than "(None)".

You have now successfully disabled your screensaver. To re-enable it, simply come back to the Screen Saver Settings panel, select a screensaver from the list and click "OK".

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