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Screensaver needs Flash

MSN Animated Aquarium needs Flash. It's not marked as such. Please mark it. Thank you.

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Charles1 month agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • Thank you, Charles. We're still working on labeling all 1,500+ screensavers. Unfortunately, this requires downloading, installing and testing each screensaver individually. It may take a couple of months before this is completed.

    I've added the Flash label to the MSN Animated Aquarium screensaver. We're also working on a workaround to get Flash-based screensavers working again, so hopefully I will also be able to revive this particular aquarium screensaver.

    Hopefully there are other aquarium screensavers in our archive that do work for you.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 month ago

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